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History 103 Video Project. Election of 1816. Zach Imburgia, Mack Prince, Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey, Zach Imburgia, J Prince
HY 103 Women and the Election of 1816 Video Project
February 22, 2015

Context- The scene opens with the narrator stating that the following is a paid advertisement by the Democratic-Republican Party. The following dialogue will take place in the form of a persuasive campaign advertisement, complete with parenthetical references to Zagarri’s Revolutionary Backlash in an attempt to persuade the audience to vote for James Monroe, as well as near slander towards the Federalist Party and presidential candidate Rufus King. The other sock puppet that is not James Monroe will essentially by interviewing James Monroe, and the following interview will serve as an advertisement and cover the topics needed for the project.

Narrator- “The following is paid for by the Democratic-Republican Party and authorized by James Monroe”
Interviewer Introducing James Monroe- “As we as the United States of America head steadfast into the nineteenth century, our young nation requires a political party that will allow us to propel to the forefront of the modern world. A political party with innovative and progressive ideas similar to those that sparked the revolutionary emotion in our country. A political party that will NOT hinder our nation’s growth with jaded old ideas and philosophies, as the Federalist’s seem so very fond of. Ladies and gentlemen, the presidential candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party, James Monroe.”
(James Monroe Sock Puppet comes out on stage)
Interviewer- Thanks for being here Mr. Monroe
James Monroe- Thanks for having me
Interviewer- Now, as the candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party, what can you tell our viewers about our nation’s current situation regarding the upcoming election?
James Monroe- Well, as the War of 1812 has just recently ended thanks in large part to the actions of my party, I feel as though the Democratic-Republican Party is in favor with the American public. One new glowing aspect of this election is the heavy involvement of women in today’s politics and society, and my party intends to shine light on the unwavering displays of patriotism and independence shown by women during the War of 1812. A Democratic-Republican newspaper, Niles’ Weekly Register, printed a story of Mary Pruitt’s unbridled patriotism, as stated in the newspaper, “Let those who think lightly of female virtue and patriotism read this and blush for shame.” And this is no rare occurrence, as “Republican press portrayed their women as exemplars of unselfish patriotism who put the national cause above their personal reservations and fears” (Zagarri 99).
Interviewer- Do you really think that the War of 1812 was successful due in part to women?
James Monroe- Of course! “The war effort would be successful… only if both women and men rallied behind the nation in its time of need” (Zagarri 98). The actions of Republican women, women from MY party, almost identically resembled those of their “revolutionary predecessors. So yes, I firmly believe that women allowed for the ultimate success of the War of 1812.
Interviewer- How do the actions of Republican women during this period differ than those of Federalist women?
James Monroe- Well, unlike the patriotic women of the Democratic-Republican Party, Federalist women “did not feel the need to be patriotic do-gooders. They expressed their opposition to the war as much by what they refused to do as in what they said” (Zagarri 100). They did little to assist the war effort.
Interviewer- It is clearly evident that your party supports female involvement in politics, can the same be said for the Federalist Party?
James Monroe- Unfortunately, no. The Federalist Party is plagued with backwards thoughts and notions of complete male superiority. As Republicans, we value the traits of patriotism, diligence, and independence, regardless of gender. However, a Federalist magazine in South Carolina wrote that Republicans were “incessantly laboring, by every artifice, and with the most unblushing audacity, to turn women over, as poor, wretched forlorn victims, to shame, and remorse, and anguish, and tribulation, and barren sorrow…“ (Zagarri 111). Though Federalists believe our party is defiling and defaming women, we are doing the opposite. We are simply encouraging women to act on their will and become independent, and to be simply treated with the same dignity and notion as we treat men.
Interviewer- That’s all the time we have for today. Thanks for being here, Mr. Monroe.
James Monroe- My pleasure