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Federalist Party. Election of 1816. Hayden Eagle, Murray Guin, Jeremy Godbolt.



This is a message from the Federalist Party:

Women… We need your help and support for the election of 1816.

Why you say?

You have never been allowed to exercise your God given constitutional rights as human beings to be able to vote or participate in political events. You have been overlooked for too long and it is time to take a stand and let YOUR voice be heard! The decisions that men make also affect your wellbeing, so why not speak your own opinions? The Federalist Party needs your votes and support throughout the election, whether it is getting involved in a campaign rally, creating banners, signs, or convincing your husbands or other women to vote for the Federalist Party, we need your support. If you are interested in getting involved, you are invited to attend any of our upcoming Federalist functions (Zagarii 84). Wearing golden eagles or black cockades on your dresses or hats is a great way to show support while representing the party (Zagarii 85-86). If we win this election, the Federalist Party will do everything in its authority to give women the empowerment they rightfully deserve. Do not let the Democratic-Republican party candidates fool you; they are focused on their on personal gains not on gaining women’s rights (Zagarii 94). As soon as they are elected, they will not worry about women’s rights; they are using the strategy to receive more votes. Do not let the Democratic-Republicans use you to advance their own cause (Zagarii 103). Also, do not let them portray you as masculine females or helpless victims (Zagarii 109). The Democratic-Republican party are not sympathetic towards women involvement towards politics (Zagarii 158).

So, it is time to exercise your rights as humans and be apart of making history and casting your vote for the Federalist Party of United States Presidential Election of 1816.