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Colonial of Cards – Christa Sullivan

N: Just a few years earlier, the patriots of the new world fought and won their freedom. And America became the land of free. But questions began to arise on who was actually free.

Women had contributed just as much as men did without actually serving in the war. They boycotted imports, spun clothes, collected donations, encouraged men in their lives and kept the home (22).

Then the time of enlightenment came, Where were see a greater influence on women’s political stance, even seeing New Jersey allowing property owning women to get the right to vote, if only for a limited time.

Because women could not vote, we began to see a rise in women’s partisan support, accompanying the rise of the two-party system, (federalist and the democratic republican) (82). Women often help support through cooking for events, wearing colors and symbols of the party, and marrying men of the same party (82).

Which political party is best suited for your needs as a newly liberated woman of the 19th century? None other than… Republican. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “ They want to keep things the same”, well yes they do but the federalist have no plans to change either, and there is no desire to at this moment. Fundamentally it is the two’s reason for the Revolution.

Federalist battle for better conditions vs Republican’s desire for liberty and freedom.

Still thinking about it? Although Republicans believe that things should remain the same they see voting as a privilege rather than a right which leaves room for it to be challenged.

Looks like you got the right idea!