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Int. Interrogation Room - Night


Well, well, well, You seem to have gotten yourself in a bit of a bind.

*Muffled grunting sounds*


You've done enough talking James. You and all of the Democratic-Republicans. When I heard the Secretary of Virginia was running, I knew I had to "arrange" a meeting.


You think just because your party has some momentum over the south, you think you can just walk in to this race. FEDERALISTS RUN THIS RACE. You think that I would be able to hold this meeting with out the power of the central government. Your Farmers and plantation owners don't have the power of our businessmen and bankers. The women even support our cause.


Lets move this bag so you can see the seriousness in my face. You know who is NOT going to run.. You James. You run in this race and I will make sure you don't walk again. All you have to do is sign those papers. So what do you say.


This is more than me Rufus this is for the entire nation. The support of women can't stop the spread of the Republic. You must take the power of the Constitution seriously.


With the women on our side, they raise their children with the same values, teach men to run the nation, and women to support the nation. Sign the resignation papers.


I can't..


You think this is a joke?? You really want to crawl out of this room??


No!! I can't because you've tied both of my hands.


uhhh.. there.... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


I..I. don't have a pen..




Supporting the Federalists is basically signing away your freedom. Do you want Big Brother taking you hostage, forcing laws on you and your family? Make sure to vote for James Monroe November First 1816!

Host Mr. P. Westchester

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

Thank you all for attending this Democratic-Republic Presidency campaign dinner here in the great state of Virginia. With that being said the man I am about to introduce is a man that needs no introduction here as many of you already know him for his valiant actions for our country during the Revolution! (Cheers from the crowd!) Now without further a due Mr. James Monroe! (Applause).

James Monroe:

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

First thank you all for coming out on this fine Virginia evening to celebrate my campaign to be your next President of the United States. (Pause for applause). Now instead of me talking politics and agendas to help lead our young nation into the future, there is one objective I would like to speak tonight which would be an important role to be played in this campaign by the ladies here tonight and all across our great nation. What I am talking about is the devotion and strength a woman has to offer. I know this first hand what it feels like to receive tremendous and unconditional love and support from my beautiful and charming wife, Elizabeth Monroe, who has been by my side throughout my career. Now let me entrance you in a story of my time spent as Minister to France, for our fair country. Trying to establish diplomatic relations with a country that is going through its own revolution created much adversity, as I learned of a Frenchmen who served in our own Revolution was imprisoned. Gaining recognition and respect for our young country without over stepping boundaries during a fragile time was tough in itself. However, I took it upon myself to gain the freedom for the French man named Marquis de Lafayette, who I learned served under the General, President George Washington. While working for this man’s freedom, I learned that his wife had also been imprisoned. As I tried to comprehend how a country could sentence a woman to prison for the actions of her husband, it dawned on me that it must have been the woman’s own actions that sealed her own fate. For I believe a man who fights not only for his rights but also for the rights of others must have a wife willing to do the same. While I worked feverishly to gain the freedom of Mr. Lafayette; my wife Elizabeth, a very well educated and respected individual herself, insisted upon herself to fight for the freedom of Mrs. Lafayette, a woman whom she had never met before, in which she succeeded. Now the reason I told this story was not to boast about my dear wife or her selfless act of kindness, instead, to tell of the impact and influence a well-educated woman can make. I have learned from my travels overseas that the world is changing and that in order for our great nation to keep striding forward is to keep advancing in education for not just men but for women as well. In all I would like to encourage women to pursue an education and make herself aware in politics and other world affairs. A great start to that is getting yourselves involved in this upcoming campaign! Let us all stand together now and say no to The Federalist Party and their old traditional ways that will hinder us in achieving the greatness! Thank you and God bless you all!





Steve Harvey –Hey, Im Steve Harvey the host and this is SHOTS UNTIL YOU DROP. On my right it’s a federalist out of New York, Mr. Rufus King and his beautiful wife Mary King. To my left is a Democratic- Republican James Monroe from Virginia. In this game the party that makes the most point, doesn’t have to take a shot. Best out of 3 so goodluck.


Round 1

Steve Harvey- Do you believe women should have the right to vote?

Mr.King- No, I don’t think they should because I think this a man’s world. Men should put their foot down. The natural rights law established by the creater, extends over the whole globe, everywhere and at all times binding upon man kind. This is a law of God by which he makes his way known and is paramount to all human control. (Monroe)

Mr. Monroe- Well, I think everyone should have the right to vote. Stated under the United States Constitution, we as Americans have natural rights and voting should be a right. Since women live in America as well and is more than have the population. They should be treated equally.

Mr. Harvey- I give this round to Mr. Monroe under the constitution it does state we should be equal and have natural rights.

Round 2

Mr. Harvey- Mr. King you have to win this round or the game is over. Since this is about politics. My question, why shouldn’t women have a say so in politics? If you think they should, state otherwise?

Mr. King- I just don’t think they should have a say so. Women are too emotional. They should cook, clean, and watch over our kids. Their opinion doesn’t matter unless its what’s on the menu. HAHA.

Mr. Mary King (Rufus King wife) - ( Slaps Mr. King and walks off)

Monroe Speaks- Haha. Thank you Mrs. King, he needed that. I believe the women opinion in politics are very important. Who say women shouldn’t have a voice when it comes to who control their country as well. Behind every great man, is a great woman? They are our backbone.

Mr. king- Well this sucks. (takes last shot and passes out)

Mr. Harvey- And the winner still standing, democratic republican out of Virginia James Monroe.


NOTES: The italicized writing is what Mr. King really said. It’s a well known quote.

Mary is Mr. Kings wife real name.

Haley Swanson

Logan Hocutt




The presidential election of 1816 was between the candidates James Monroe and Rufus King of the Federalist party.

The following is a campaign ad from the Democratic Republican Party and their backing of James Monroe as the Next President of The United States of America.

James Monroe is the candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party. Monroe supports the involvement of women in politics while his opponent Rufus King who is the candidate for the Federalist Party does not support the involvement of women in politics.

Even though women cannot run for office James Monroe believes that the active involvement of women in politics is critical to a fully functioning democracy with liberty and justice for all in the United States of America.

Our opponent, ruthless federalist Rufus King believes that women are not competent enough to have a say in politics or even deserve the right to vote, much less be able to hold a political office. King is a tyrant and hater of equal rights and believes that women are only suitable for work in a kitchen and around a house such as cooking and raising children and nothing more.

In this election, there has been a dramatic a rise in women’s support for their candidates. Women are showing their support in this election by showing their presence and cooking for different events.

Women are also wearing the colors and symbols of their preferred party in an effort to show support for their candidates.

As an Anti- Federalist and as a Democratic Republican, James Monroe believes that everyone including women should have a voice and opinion in politics in this country’s great democracy.


Video Project

Federalists: The government should have power over the people.

Democratic Republicans: No! They need to have a voice and be able to express their opinions and views

Federalists: We should mimic the British government, giving more power to those in charge.

Democratic Republicans: The people want to be able to have freedoms; they came over here to get away from Britain’s rule.

Federalists: Well if we go to war, who is going to protect them? We need a centralized government to go to war.

Women Enter Protesting

Wife: Give American’s our rights to argue our opinions!!

Federalist Husband: What are you all doing here? Everyone knows women cannot be politicians.

Man: You should be at home taking care of your family.

Wife: It’s not fair to us to be governed by a nation that has no regard for our opinions.

Federalist Husband: Go Home Now! We can talk about this at dinner.

Women Exits

Scene enters at dinner in home

Federalist Husband: What is for dinner?

Woman: Your favorite, Chicken stew with potatoes.

Federalist Husband: You know me so well.

Woman: You were very angry today at your meeting.

Federalist Husband: Yes, but only because those democratic republicans don’t know what they are talking about.

Woman: Don’t you think there is a better way discussing the matter, instead of just yelling at each other?

Federalist Husband: Yes, is that what you and your friends were trying to say when you came in today?

Woman: Yes, but none of you men will take us serious enough out in public.

Federalist Husband: You have a good point, but society does not accept women to express their views in politics.

Federalist Husband: You will have to find more creative ways of voicing your opinion. Instead disrupting one of our meetings, tell me what you think and Ill make sure to address it in our next meeting.

Woman: Oh thank you honey, you are so sweet, just remember that yelling back and forth at each other won’t accomplish anything. Instead be respectful even if your views are not the same.

Scene moves to next meeting

Federalist Husband: I have an announcement to make to everyone. There is a better way to go about deciding what is best for our nation. I know we disagree and our views don’t exactly match up but there is a more civilized way to do this.

Democratic Republicans: You know what, you’re right! After thinking over dinner last night with my family I believe we should go about this a different as too. Bickering won’t get us anywhere. Instead we need to listen to what each side has to say.

Meeting goes on

The end

Attention all American women, this is a message from the Federalist Party. Women, we need your help and support for the election of 1816. Why you say? You have never ben allowed to exercise your god given constitutional rights as human beings to be able to vote or participate in political events. You have been overlooked for too long and its time to take a stand and let your voice be heard. The decisions that men make also affect your well being so why not speak your own opinions. The Federalist Party needs your votes and support through out the election. Whether its getting involved in a campaign rally, creating banners, signs, or convincing your husbands or other women to vote for the Federalist Party. We need your support. If you are interested in getting involved, you are invited to attend any of our upcoming Federalist functions. Wearing golden eagles or black cockades on your dresses or hats is a great way to show support while representing the party. If we win this election the Federalist Party will do everything in its authority to give women the empowerment they rightfully deserve. Do not let the Democratic-Republican Party candidates fool you. They are focused on personal gain rather than gaining women’s rights. As soon as they are elected they will set aside the issue of women’s rights, they are only using this strategy receive more votes. Do not let the Democratic-Republican use you to advance their own cause. Also, do not let them portray you as masculine females or helpless victims. The Democratic-Republican Party is not sympathetic towards women’s involvement in politics. Now is your time to exercise your rights as humans and be a part of history by casting your vote for the Federalist Party in the United States presidential election of 1816.

HY 101

Election of 1816

Walter Lovejoy-Catherine Gore

James Monroe: Hello citizens of the United States of America, I am presidential candidate James Monroe of the Democratic-Republican party here to tell you why the influence of women is imperative in moving forward. We need a change in the oval office as our incumbent has not been a leader with moral integrity. Our party recognizes that the future consists of a new ideal in which women will “exert a significant influence over society and politics.” (Zagarri 125). The last thing our country needs right now is another war and by incorporating women in the political world we can help eradicate passions and prejudices and hold civility higher. Thus our campaign has organized a group of women to support their men in being more conscientious and hand out pro Monroe buttons to represent this cause. Now I will hand the floor over to one of these ladies who can tell you more about  how to become affiliated with our party and what we are trying to accomplish.

Scarlett O’Hara: Thank you for the introduction, Mr. Monroe. I think that it is important that women support and express our own opinions to friends and families. We may not be able to vote but we still have a strong influence over the amount of support we can give our party. We can all show support by “attending partisan meetings, gatherings, and events” (84). In order to become more relevant in politics we need to make more gestures like the “Mammoth Cheese” made by the women of Cheshire delivered to the white house in honor of Thomas Jefferson in 1802 (85). Acts like this will help women show allegiance to our party and become politically affiliated.

Monroe: Mrs. O’Hara, how have you helped your family become more politically aware?

Scarlett O’Hara: I have taught my children to have good morals and supported my husband but my political influence is more than the passive compliance with men’s wishes it is by making our own affirmative choice. I have made the affirmative choice to wear a liberty cap that I recommend to all women who wish to show that we too have an opinion that needs to be voiced.

Monroe: Thank you for sharing that and that is all we have for you all today. I am James Monroe and I approve this message. Good day.

James Monroe:
A Letter to the Upcoming President of the United States:

Survival is only possible due to evolution, and civilizations enable our species to thrive. In leading this young nation, we must understand that we can only first survive through evolution. These adaptations strengthen our civilization and enable us to live more comfortably than ever before. (Zagarri 47) You are the last leaders of your generation. Do you not want to be seen as an innovator? Do you not want to be seen as the leader that brought our country more stability and even comfort than before? The past is incredibly important, but only to avoid mistakes made by the men who raised our nation.
When our women began vocally displaying their social and political beliefs, if not mostly amongst themselves, did we not win a revolution? The women of our nation rose up and gave everything they had to the cause. They networked amongst each other, providing food, clothes, weapons, and first aid to our troops. Without our women alongside us, our nation would not have been born. Yet, we took their freedom from a land we deemed for the free. We stifled their victories and efforts with our refusal of their basic human rights. How are we just in saying the women who nursed you to health when you faced your deathbed is just the property of another man?
As the majority of our nation is Christian, how can we consider women to be full of the sin enacted by Eve in the Garden of Eden when Jesus absolved our sins? The bible does not state that Jesus absolved sin for only white, male, land owners, but for everyone. Does the non-bias of your God not dictate that you see yourself as an equal to your fellow human? (Zagarri 47)
During this great time of Enlightenment, it has been realized that our mothers, our wives, and our sisters share a mental capacity as great as our own. (Zagarri 48) Have we not inherited our own values and morals from the hand of our caregiving mother? Your identity was bestowed onto you by your mother’s own opinions and value system, and your father’s by his own mother. Do you not seek companionship in your wife as well? American Spectator recently argued to the American public that, “The rights of women and men are acknowledged…women are caressed as the first and dearest friends of their partners.” (Zagarri 48) Does this not make the two genders social equals? Should not women in turn have the same rights as her male counterpart?
As history has often repeated itself, staying set in the policies of another time can crumble the present. So I ask you, Mr. President, would the liberation of the majority of your country’s people not bring forth an evolution of your society? And without this evolution, can we as a nation, continue to contend with the worldly powers investing in the future?

Yours Truly,
An American Woman

Mary: Hello Elizabeth! Are you baking the cake for the reception tonight?

Elizabeth: Yes, I am, George is at the Republican parade right now!

Mary: That’s great! John is there too!

Elizabeth: I love how vocal they are about their views and how they support women and our ideas

Mary: I agree! However, I hate how sometimes women are used as propaganda for party advertisements in papers. One of the images I do like is the one of Miss Liberty. I like how a woman is being used to show the flexibility of the country and how deep our devotion to freedom runs, even though we can’t enjoy all the liberties that men have. (page 102-103)

Elizabeth: I know its so horrible that some men only want us to be peacemakers between the two parties. I hate being so passive about my political views, I am not an impartial patriot! I want to voice my ideas! (page 116)

Mary: Well, I agree but I think that politics are starting to divide our community and by being a mediator I can promote the Republican views subtly but keep my family and friends together as a community. (page 115)

Elizabeth: That’s very true. My son Henry and husband George have started to form different ideas but by sticking with George’s views, my son has become slightly more understanding of Republican ideas and George is trying to be more open about Federalists.

Mary: That must be really difficult. The two parties have very different ideas.

Elizabeth: Yes, George is very strong about having local governments control most of the power and he wants our country to become more dependent on agriculture. He probably thinks that because he grew up on a plantation in Alabama. On the other hand,Henry wants to have a strong central government and have good relations with Britain. I think that he feels like this because he stayed in Boston for a few months.

Mary: I agree more with George. Oh! It sounds like they're done with the parade. I better  go home and get ready for the reception. See you tonight!

*Play song 15-seconds*


James Monroe: Hello, my name is James Monroe and I am running on the Democratic-Republican Party ticket for the 1816 election.

I was a top student who studied law under the wonderful Thomas Jefferson; however one issue I see is the involvement in more than just men in elections.

“While [the husband] thinks he is pursuing an independent course, and assumes all the credit of his success, the suggestions or persuasions of his companion are influencing his opinions and controlling his conduct” (126).


Judith: Suzanne is that you? I haven’t seen you in ages. How’s the family?


Suzanne: Oh they’re just magnificent. You look so great, Judith! Where did you get your outfit?


Judith: Oh this is what everyone is wearing these days, don’t you know?


Suzanne: No I didn’t realize, it seems like I need to catch up on my Glamour magazines then.


*JM walks in*


James: Hello ladies, today I am here to teach you how you can contribute to this election.


Judith: Election for what?


Suzanne: Oh Judith, the presidential election of course!


James: That’s correct, I wanted to take a minute and tell you ladies how vital your role as women are in the presidential election this year


Suzanne: Oh, is that right?


James: Yes, ma’am. Women play an important role because they “instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in their husbands.” As a matter of fact, women have the “ability to influence their husbands and children,” and “inculcate respect, sobriety, and decency in the youth” (129).


Judith: How is it that in New Jersey women used to be allowed to vote and on that principle all others should be allowed to vote as well (negroes, minors, aliens)?


James: I could not agree with you more, Judith. I have great plans for the greater good in my presidency. I do believe that Intervention by external powers in the politics of America is a potentially hostile act against the United States. We need to correct the wrongs of our past leaders and stride forward as a greater America.


Suzanne: Why did I never follow politics before?


*Commerical voice*

James Monroe: Hero of the revolution. Supporting husband. Future president of the United States.

Vote James Monroe


James: “The important point remain[s]: the more that voting [i]s defined as a right of person, not of property, the more tenuous [a]re the grounds for not including women” (152).

My name is James Monroe and I approve this message


*song 15-seconds*