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A Letter to the President- Katherine Schreiber

James Monroe:
A Letter to the Upcoming President of the United States:

Survival is only possible due to evolution, and civilizations enable our species to thrive. In leading this young nation, we must understand that we can only first survive through evolution. These adaptations strengthen our civilization and enable us to live more comfortably than ever before. (Zagarri 47) You are the last leaders of your generation. Do you not want to be seen as an innovator? Do you not want to be seen as the leader that brought our country more stability and even comfort than before? The past is incredibly important, but only to avoid mistakes made by the men who raised our nation.
When our women began vocally displaying their social and political beliefs, if not mostly amongst themselves, did we not win a revolution? The women of our nation rose up and gave everything they had to the cause. They networked amongst each other, providing food, clothes, weapons, and first aid to our troops. Without our women alongside us, our nation would not have been born. Yet, we took their freedom from a land we deemed for the free. We stifled their victories and efforts with our refusal of their basic human rights. How are we just in saying the women who nursed you to health when you faced your deathbed is just the property of another man?
As the majority of our nation is Christian, how can we consider women to be full of the sin enacted by Eve in the Garden of Eden when Jesus absolved our sins? The bible does not state that Jesus absolved sin for only white, male, land owners, but for everyone. Does the non-bias of your God not dictate that you see yourself as an equal to your fellow human? (Zagarri 47)
During this great time of Enlightenment, it has been realized that our mothers, our wives, and our sisters share a mental capacity as great as our own. (Zagarri 48) Have we not inherited our own values and morals from the hand of our caregiving mother? Your identity was bestowed onto you by your mother’s own opinions and value system, and your father’s by his own mother. Do you not seek companionship in your wife as well? American Spectator recently argued to the American public that, “The rights of women and men are acknowledged…women are caressed as the first and dearest friends of their partners.” (Zagarri 48) Does this not make the two genders social equals? Should not women in turn have the same rights as her male counterpart?
As history has often repeated itself, staying set in the policies of another time can crumble the present. So I ask you, Mr. President, would the liberation of the majority of your country’s people not bring forth an evolution of your society? And without this evolution, can we as a nation, continue to contend with the worldly powers investing in the future?

Yours Truly,
An American Woman