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HY 101

Election of 1816

Walter Lovejoy-Catherine Gore

James Monroe: Hello citizens of the United States of America, I am presidential candidate James Monroe of the Democratic-Republican party here to tell you why the influence of women is imperative in moving forward. We need a change in the oval office as our incumbent has not been a leader with moral integrity. Our party recognizes that the future consists of a new ideal in which women will “exert a significant influence over society and politics.” (Zagarri 125). The last thing our country needs right now is another war and by incorporating women in the political world we can help eradicate passions and prejudices and hold civility higher. Thus our campaign has organized a group of women to support their men in being more conscientious and hand out pro Monroe buttons to represent this cause. Now I will hand the floor over to one of these ladies who can tell you more about  how to become affiliated with our party and what we are trying to accomplish.

Scarlett O’Hara: Thank you for the introduction, Mr. Monroe. I think that it is important that women support and express our own opinions to friends and families. We may not be able to vote but we still have a strong influence over the amount of support we can give our party. We can all show support by “attending partisan meetings, gatherings, and events” (84). In order to become more relevant in politics we need to make more gestures like the “Mammoth Cheese” made by the women of Cheshire delivered to the white house in honor of Thomas Jefferson in 1802 (85). Acts like this will help women show allegiance to our party and become politically affiliated.

Monroe: Mrs. O’Hara, how have you helped your family become more politically aware?

Scarlett O’Hara: I have taught my children to have good morals and supported my husband but my political influence is more than the passive compliance with men’s wishes it is by making our own affirmative choice. I have made the affirmative choice to wear a liberty cap that I recommend to all women who wish to show that we too have an opinion that needs to be voiced.

Monroe: Thank you for sharing that and that is all we have for you all today. I am James Monroe and I approve this message. Good day.