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*Play song 15-seconds*


James Monroe: Hello, my name is James Monroe and I am running on the Democratic-Republican Party ticket for the 1816 election.

I was a top student who studied law under the wonderful Thomas Jefferson; however one issue I see is the involvement in more than just men in elections.

“While [the husband] thinks he is pursuing an independent course, and assumes all the credit of his success, the suggestions or persuasions of his companion are influencing his opinions and controlling his conduct” (126).


Judith: Suzanne is that you? I haven’t seen you in ages. How’s the family?


Suzanne: Oh they’re just magnificent. You look so great, Judith! Where did you get your outfit?


Judith: Oh this is what everyone is wearing these days, don’t you know?


Suzanne: No I didn’t realize, it seems like I need to catch up on my Glamour magazines then.


*JM walks in*


James: Hello ladies, today I am here to teach you how you can contribute to this election.


Judith: Election for what?


Suzanne: Oh Judith, the presidential election of course!


James: That’s correct, I wanted to take a minute and tell you ladies how vital your role as women are in the presidential election this year


Suzanne: Oh, is that right?


James: Yes, ma’am. Women play an important role because they “instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in their husbands.” As a matter of fact, women have the “ability to influence their husbands and children,” and “inculcate respect, sobriety, and decency in the youth” (129).


Judith: How is it that in New Jersey women used to be allowed to vote and on that principle all others should be allowed to vote as well (negroes, minors, aliens)?


James: I could not agree with you more, Judith. I have great plans for the greater good in my presidency. I do believe that Intervention by external powers in the politics of America is a potentially hostile act against the United States. We need to correct the wrongs of our past leaders and stride forward as a greater America.


Suzanne: Why did I never follow politics before?


*Commerical voice*

James Monroe: Hero of the revolution. Supporting husband. Future president of the United States.

Vote James Monroe


James: “The important point remain[s]: the more that voting [i]s defined as a right of person, not of property, the more tenuous [a]re the grounds for not including women” (152).

My name is James Monroe and I approve this message


*song 15-seconds*