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Mary: Hello Elizabeth! Are you baking the cake for the reception tonight?

Elizabeth: Yes, I am, George is at the Republican parade right now!

Mary: That’s great! John is there too!

Elizabeth: I love how vocal they are about their views and how they support women and our ideas

Mary: I agree! However, I hate how sometimes women are used as propaganda for party advertisements in papers. One of the images I do like is the one of Miss Liberty. I like how a woman is being used to show the flexibility of the country and how deep our devotion to freedom runs, even though we can’t enjoy all the liberties that men have. (page 102-103)

Elizabeth: I know its so horrible that some men only want us to be peacemakers between the two parties. I hate being so passive about my political views, I am not an impartial patriot! I want to voice my ideas! (page 116)

Mary: Well, I agree but I think that politics are starting to divide our community and by being a mediator I can promote the Republican views subtly but keep my family and friends together as a community. (page 115)

Elizabeth: That’s very true. My son Henry and husband George have started to form different ideas but by sticking with George’s views, my son has become slightly more understanding of Republican ideas and George is trying to be more open about Federalists.

Mary: That must be really difficult. The two parties have very different ideas.

Elizabeth: Yes, George is very strong about having local governments control most of the power and he wants our country to become more dependent on agriculture. He probably thinks that because he grew up on a plantation in Alabama. On the other hand,Henry wants to have a strong central government and have good relations with Britain. I think that he feels like this because he stayed in Boston for a few months.

Mary: I agree more with George. Oh! It sounds like they're done with the parade. I better  go home and get ready for the reception. See you tonight!