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Creators: Samantha Auer, Amy Wright, Lauren Terry


Script Dialogue:

Tammy- Mary, how do you feel about your husband running for a spot in office?


Mary- I am very proud and supportive of my husband, however, I am very upset that I am not able to have a bigger role in this election because I am just as passionate about politics as my husband. I find it very insulting that men think that all women are up to no good with “our distinctive feminine charms, [and that] our sexual powers will subvert the political process” (Zagarri, 127).


Suzzi- Yes Mary that is very frustrating but women are still very politically powerful in the way that they can “instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in their husbands and children” (Zagarri, 125). You can be involved in politics, which is better than nothing!


Tammy- Yes, I understand that us women being in coverture by our fathers then later on our husbands is very demeaning, but despite being overlooked by the government women are still working their hardest to have a say in politics which is very amazing.


Suzzi- And especially being advocates of the democratic republican party, us as women are “particularly important under a republican form of government where the people govern themselves” (Zagarri, 128). Us democratic republican women's “actions resemble those of [our] revolutionary predecessors” (Zagarri, 99) showing that we stick with our traditional important roots unlike the federalist women.


Tammy- Yeah those Federalist women who wear the eagle pins are no where near as involved in politics as we democratic republicans. “Federalist women do not feel the need to be patriotic do gooders” (Zagarri, 100) in this very important election of 1812.


Mary- I am proud to be a wife of a democratic republican but I am still very fed up with the fact that women are getting more and more politically invisible (Zagarri, 181) as the years go by. Doesn't that bother you guys too, especially during this election?


Suzzi- Don't worry Mary, us women “express our commitment to the common good with our role as social reformers” (Zagarri, 142).


Charles Hardin
Video Project

Oh hey, didn’t see you there, you just caught me reading my new favorite political novel. It’s about women’s rights; it’s a comedy. So this book got me thinking that there are a lot of women out there who might wanna join the democratic-republican party of 1816, and if you’re one of them, there is a few things you should know about the men. We’re athletic; we’re attractive; we’re intelligent. We’re sensitive to the political usefulness of women in 1816, understanding that we can use ideas about women in print(103) in order to insult our enemies(112), goad young men into war by convincing them to defend their helpless women(109), or entice more women to join our party by appealing to their sense of womanhood(102). We also involve women in the political realm by celebrating women who promote ideas such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.(103) One such celebrity was Madame Genlis who was considered a threat to the existing social order by Federalists, but was praised by our party for instilling revolutionary ideas into her children.(103) In many ways women have become verbal weapons that assist political parties in converting people to their side.(102) The main role that women play for our party is that of helpless innocent while the men are the defenders of their American womanhood. (109)

Good evening gentlemen, today I am here to talk to you about this upcoming election. Doubtless you have heard the campaigns of the Republicans giving their support to the French and their bloody revolution. Is this what we want our Country to come to? Already the Moral fiber of our country is starting to fall apart. if you can believe it there are some women who are calling for a more active role of women in politics. For example take this Mary Wollstonecraft person a woman of loose morals who’s “immorality is merely a conformation of the deeper and more troubling aspects of her ideas”[1] a Woman who is calling for greater representation of women and more rights for women. A woman, a Republican woman who supports the French revolution. Is this were we want our country to go? Do we want our women to leave our children at the house while the they go around getting involved in politics and things they are not capable of understanding? If you think “No” to this then you must vote Federalist for the Republicans support the French and their revolution is a revolution that supports a more active role for women we must not let us move in the direction of what we were warned about in the Philadelphia General Advertiser were women become members of congress, Ambassadors and Secretaries of State. We Must stand for what our founding Fathers meant when they said that all MEN are created equal. That is why this year when you go to vote make sure that you vote the American way the the Way the Founding Fathers intended for you to vote Federalist way.

[1] Zagarri, Rosemarie. Revolutionary Backlash: Women and Politics in the Early American Republic. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007. Pg 106-107

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Elizabeth Monroe: Ladies, I am so glad to see you wearing our liberty caps to support the Democratic Republican Party (Zagarri, 86).
Girl 2: Of course! We HAVE to wear our symbol of freedom. Ever since I married into the Democratic Republican party I have had more of an active role in politics.
Girl 3: Yeah! Republican women everywhere are doing their part! I heard women are taking their own initiative in raising money for the war effort, like “in Charleston they made shirts; in New York they made socks, [and] New London they made bedding” (Zagarri, 99).
Elizabeth Monroe: Exactly! A lot of women feel like they don’t have a voice in politics, but me and my husband discuss political on goings all the time. Everyone knows that women “instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior to their husbands and children” (Zagarri, 125).
Girl 2: Right we can’t be like those federalist women who do “not feel the need to be patriotic do-gooders” (Zagarri, 100).
Girl 3: Well, everyone knows that the Federalist women are the “whores of Great Britain” (Zagarri, 112). That is why we support public opinion.
Girl 2: So Elizabeth! I heard your husband, James, is running for president.
Elizabeth Monroe: Yeah he is! So make sure you are encouraging your husbands and educating your kids to “oppose [other] political views” (Zagarri, 130). Use your “femininity to act as peacemakers among men” (Zagarri, 129).
Girl 3: Yeah the other day I saw that there was a heated discussion between the men at a political function about federalists and their opposition for the war.
Girl 2: Everyone knows their party is disappearing because of the aftermath of the War of 1812, so I don’t think James Monroe has anything to worry about for this election.
Elizabeth Monroe: We need to ensure women’s allegiance to the Democratic Republican party, because we do make a difference. As Democratic Republicans, we support our liberties and can’t let the federalists overcome that with a strong central government.
Girl 3: If we play our role as “female politicians” then I don’t doubt the Democratic Republican Party will win.

Good Morning America: Presidential Candidate 1816


Welcome Good Morning America, Today I am here with Rufus King, the Federalist Presidential candidate for the 1816 election. He is here today to share with us why he wants to be a Federalist president.


I believe that the constitution guarantees our Liberty only through a strong and inseparable Union of States. This Union, in order for a central government to remain stable, must maintain some institutions and policies. Among these are a National Bank, powerful Judiciary and free trade policy. In order to ensure our economy is stable, our debts or managed and our investments are secure a National Bank should be established and managed by Congress and the Treasury. Our Constitution states the “judicial power shall extend to all cases.” (1) As fellow Federalist Alexander Hamilton reasons, the court “has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of the society.” (2) They are tasked to judge actions of the government and defend its people from abuse and secure our freedoms- such as that to worship any god or petition any cause. Finally, to ensure economic prosperity for years to come, the US must engage in trade with other nations - including Great Britain- cutting us off from the rest of the globe will not help our future.


Thank you Mr. King. Next we have Nelly Parke Custis to share her thoughts on women participation in the Federalist political party.


Women across the nation, let us wear our golden eagles with pride as supporters of the only party deserving our allegiance. (85) Let us commemorate our phenomenal fallen leader, my step-grandfather George Washington. (84) Let us sing “Adams and Liberty” at the top of our lungs. (85) But most importantly, let us devote ourselves only to a husband who wholeheartedly supports the Federalist Party and wishes to ride our nation of the malevolent Republicans all together. (85) We have already showed our opposition for war just a few years back in our refusal to make homespun and darn socks as well as not collected money for the troops (100). This action serves as an example as to how essential it is that we support our husbands. The Republicans intend to defile and defame women as a whole; the Federalists are here to prevent such a thing from happening (111).  We need Federalist men and they need us as well.



A “Speech” Fit for a Federalist Dinner Party

Mr. Kindsir: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Wolfgang Prescott Holloway Kindsir, I am very honored have you all at my estate for this splendid dinner party. I here by present to you, our federalist candidate for the election in this great year of the lord, 1816.

Rufus King: Why thank you Mr. Kindsir.   Tis a lovely night to be gathered around a table with so few people who truly appreciate our, lofty mindset for this country. Let me begin by wishing the great President Washington the happiest of birthdays, as it is truly a time of celebration in honoring such a hero. Also, I would like to toast to our fair ladies here tonight, “The ladies who this day, honored our party with their presence- May we ever continue to deserve their favor”. (85). As we eat and enjoy our night, let us not forget the true meaning of this dinner. We have assembled today to come closer in mindset in our journey of overcoming the Jacobins. These men have shown time and time again that they are truly incapable of progressing our fair country. Just the other day, my wife was attacked, at a church of all places, by a woman of the name, Beatrice Monroe-Dunnigan. No sooner was the sermon over than when the woman ran toward her like a wild carriage horse and ripped the golden eagle right off of her bosom. I am happy to see you all wearing your white roses and golden eagles. (84). Seeing that the Jacobins allow their wives to run-a-muck and cause havoc on calm townspeople like ourselves. I would dare say they let their wives make their political agendas too. Seeing the Democratic men’s lack of leadership ability, they might be better off if they went ahead and let their wives take a spot in government, they do well at leading their homes while their husbands are off going to war with the English. (98).

Dwane: Hub-lub-lub-lub! That’s enough of a tangent Rufus. You should have just read the speech your wife made. Good night to you all.

Federalist Candidate: “Ladies and gentleman, thank you for coming out today. My name is William Vanderhouse, I’m campaigning for the office of President on the Federalist ticket. Today, I would like to address the importance of women in this country. I see women in the audience today with Federalist golden eagles on their dresses and bonnets. I appreciate the show of support. Women have a very important role in politics. It starts with Congressmen’s wives. They are our eyes and ears to the issues that American communities face everyday (pg 65). But it doesn’t end there. Women are not only our mothers and wives, they are also our teachers. Simply by raising our children they begin to shape the values of our country’s future leaders. Our country would surely fail if our women did not teach our children values like leadership and patriotism. I will admit that most of their work is done behind the scenes, but without them our country’s society would come to a grinding halt. Women also provide America with a “visible symbol of unity” (pg 86) which is very much needed in this time when party affiliations threaten to tear this country apart. My opposition is “a threat to the sexual purity of American women” (pg 110) and I will not allow someone with these views of our women to lead our country. If we allow them to, Republicans will defile and defame American women(pg 110). I, William Vanderhouse, promise to rescue women from such a point of view, but i cannot do so unless you, the American people, vote to make me your next President. Thank you for coming out today, and remember to vote!

Lauren Golden

HY 103

February 21, 2015

Video Project Script



News Anchor: Hello, this is the News 5. Before we begin, I would like to welcome James Monroe, a candidate in the upcoming Election of 1816. He will be giving us a live campaign advertisement about why we should vote for him, and not the opposing Federalist candidate. Mr. Monroe, take it away.


James Monroe: Thank you all so much for having me. For starters, I would like to say that the Federalists are weak, and you want to know why? Because they support women’s presence in politics, and women are weak. They are emotional and irrational, and we just cannot have these kinds of people influencing our government.

  • Reference: women doomed to be weaker (Zagarri, pg. 168)
  • Reference: women less logical, and less rational than men (Zagarri, pg.168)

News Anchor: So, are you saying women are useless?

James Monroe: No, I am not saying women are useless, but politics are definitely something they should stay out of.


  • Reference: Not only were women doomed to be weaker and less robust than men, but in addition women’s more vivid emotional life constricted their intellect (Zagarri, pg.168)

News Anchor: I see, I see. Please, continue.

James Monroe: Women are supposed to cook, clean, and take care of the home and well… me, am I right?

  • Reference: men would take care of politics and government while women would take care of the home and society (Zagarri, pg. 147)

News Anchor: I don’t mean to interrupt you again, Mr. Monroe. But don’t you think having a woman’s opinion can help balance out our nation’s government?


James Monroe: With all due respect, voting is a privilege, one only granted to men. It has worked great so far, hasn’t it? Why change it now?

  • Reference: Voting had essentially become a different kind of privilege- a privilege of those who happened to be born male (Zagarri, pg. 153)


News Anchor: Well, I do see your point. Our government is one of the best. Let’s keep the Federalist’s opinions out!

Mr. Monroe: I’m so glad you agree! Yes, our government is the best. And it needs to stay just as it is. That’s why you should elect me, James Monroe, as your president in the upcoming Election of 1816.

News Anchor: Thank you, Mr. Monroe. I’m not sure how the women in this room currently feel right now (*shows angry women). They don’t seem too happy, but I’m convinced! You have my vote! Stay tuned for the rest of News 5 coming up after these commercials!


*Shows a “Vote for Monroe” sign and scene ends



References from:


Zagarri, Rosemarie. Revolutionary Backlash: Women and Politics in the Early American Republic. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania, 2007. Print.

Good morning, my name is Rolonda Jackson with the Channel 8 news at 8 AM. Next up, we will hear from James Monroe with the election of 1816.

James Monroe: I am James Monroe. I am a democratic-republican. The biggest debate in today’s society is womes’s participation in party politics. As a democratic-republican, it is important that everyone’s voice be heard. Women may not have the right to vote physically but in an attempt to have your voice be heard is important to speak with your husband and the male family members about the issues at hand. (110)

As it has been made clear, women, despite the lack of formal political power, can exert a significant influence over society and politics. (125)

Unlike Rufus King and the federalists, I James Monroe, feels as if your voice shall be heard.

No one man should have the power to make a decision without others opinions.

As president, I plan to loosen the voting rules, to be sure that women of the society have a voice and are actively able to participate in party politics.

Edna: See John, James Monroe, with the Democratic Republican Party is more appealing to the women of this society.

Unlike Rufus King, James Monroe has your best interest as well as mine. If you remember the Democratic-Republican Party is the same party who brought us through the war of 1812, and besides, why not keep it within the state of Virginia with voting for James Monroe? (113)

It has been proved that women had a demonstrable impact on what people say, think, and do, so we must have some kind of impact with party politics. (125)

John: Well Edna you're right, James Monroe has my vote.