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The Republican Mothers: Elizabeth Driver and Antoni Murrell

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Elizabeth Monroe: Ladies, I am so glad to see you wearing our liberty caps to support the Democratic Republican Party (Zagarri, 86).
Girl 2: Of course! We HAVE to wear our symbol of freedom. Ever since I married into the Democratic Republican party I have had more of an active role in politics.
Girl 3: Yeah! Republican women everywhere are doing their part! I heard women are taking their own initiative in raising money for the war effort, like “in Charleston they made shirts; in New York they made socks, [and] New London they made bedding” (Zagarri, 99).
Elizabeth Monroe: Exactly! A lot of women feel like they don’t have a voice in politics, but me and my husband discuss political on goings all the time. Everyone knows that women “instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior to their husbands and children” (Zagarri, 125).
Girl 2: Right we can’t be like those federalist women who do “not feel the need to be patriotic do-gooders” (Zagarri, 100).
Girl 3: Well, everyone knows that the Federalist women are the “whores of Great Britain” (Zagarri, 112). That is why we support public opinion.
Girl 2: So Elizabeth! I heard your husband, James, is running for president.
Elizabeth Monroe: Yeah he is! So make sure you are encouraging your husbands and educating your kids to “oppose [other] political views” (Zagarri, 130). Use your “femininity to act as peacemakers among men” (Zagarri, 129).
Girl 3: Yeah the other day I saw that there was a heated discussion between the men at a political function about federalists and their opposition for the war.
Girl 2: Everyone knows their party is disappearing because of the aftermath of the War of 1812, so I don’t think James Monroe has anything to worry about for this election.
Elizabeth Monroe: We need to ensure women’s allegiance to the Democratic Republican party, because we do make a difference. As Democratic Republicans, we support our liberties and can’t let the federalists overcome that with a strong central government.
Girl 3: If we play our role as “female politicians” then I don’t doubt the Democratic Republican Party will win.