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Creators: Samantha Auer, Amy Wright, Lauren Terry


Script Dialogue:

Tammy- Mary, how do you feel about your husband running for a spot in office?


Mary- I am very proud and supportive of my husband, however, I am very upset that I am not able to have a bigger role in this election because I am just as passionate about politics as my husband. I find it very insulting that men think that all women are up to no good with “our distinctive feminine charms, [and that] our sexual powers will subvert the political process” (Zagarri, 127).


Suzzi- Yes Mary that is very frustrating but women are still very politically powerful in the way that they can “instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in their husbands and children” (Zagarri, 125). You can be involved in politics, which is better than nothing!


Tammy- Yes, I understand that us women being in coverture by our fathers then later on our husbands is very demeaning, but despite being overlooked by the government women are still working their hardest to have a say in politics which is very amazing.


Suzzi- And especially being advocates of the democratic republican party, us as women are “particularly important under a republican form of government where the people govern themselves” (Zagarri, 128). Us democratic republican women's “actions resemble those of [our] revolutionary predecessors” (Zagarri, 99) showing that we stick with our traditional important roots unlike the federalist women.


Tammy- Yeah those Federalist women who wear the eagle pins are no where near as involved in politics as we democratic republicans. “Federalist women do not feel the need to be patriotic do gooders” (Zagarri, 100) in this very important election of 1812.


Mary- I am proud to be a wife of a democratic republican but I am still very fed up with the fact that women are getting more and more politically invisible (Zagarri, 181) as the years go by. Doesn't that bother you guys too, especially during this election?


Suzzi- Don't worry Mary, us women “express our commitment to the common good with our role as social reformers” (Zagarri, 142).