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Election of 1816 – Rolonda Jackson

Good morning, my name is Rolonda Jackson with the Channel 8 news at 8 AM. Next up, we will hear from James Monroe with the election of 1816.

James Monroe: I am James Monroe. I am a democratic-republican. The biggest debate in today’s society is womes’s participation in party politics. As a democratic-republican, it is important that everyone’s voice be heard. Women may not have the right to vote physically but in an attempt to have your voice be heard is important to speak with your husband and the male family members about the issues at hand. (110)

As it has been made clear, women, despite the lack of formal political power, can exert a significant influence over society and politics. (125)

Unlike Rufus King and the federalists, I James Monroe, feels as if your voice shall be heard.

No one man should have the power to make a decision without others opinions.

As president, I plan to loosen the voting rules, to be sure that women of the society have a voice and are actively able to participate in party politics.

Edna: See John, James Monroe, with the Democratic Republican Party is more appealing to the women of this society.

Unlike Rufus King, James Monroe has your best interest as well as mine. If you remember the Democratic-Republican Party is the same party who brought us through the war of 1812, and besides, why not keep it within the state of Virginia with voting for James Monroe? (113)

It has been proved that women had a demonstrable impact on what people say, think, and do, so we must have some kind of impact with party politics. (125)

John: Well Edna you're right, James Monroe has my vote.