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Campaign For Election of 1816 Lauren Golden

Lauren Golden

HY 103

February 21, 2015

Video Project Script



News Anchor: Hello, this is the News 5. Before we begin, I would like to welcome James Monroe, a candidate in the upcoming Election of 1816. He will be giving us a live campaign advertisement about why we should vote for him, and not the opposing Federalist candidate. Mr. Monroe, take it away.


James Monroe: Thank you all so much for having me. For starters, I would like to say that the Federalists are weak, and you want to know why? Because they support women’s presence in politics, and women are weak. They are emotional and irrational, and we just cannot have these kinds of people influencing our government.

  • Reference: women doomed to be weaker (Zagarri, pg. 168)
  • Reference: women less logical, and less rational than men (Zagarri, pg.168)

News Anchor: So, are you saying women are useless?

James Monroe: No, I am not saying women are useless, but politics are definitely something they should stay out of.


  • Reference: Not only were women doomed to be weaker and less robust than men, but in addition women’s more vivid emotional life constricted their intellect (Zagarri, pg.168)

News Anchor: I see, I see. Please, continue.

James Monroe: Women are supposed to cook, clean, and take care of the home and well… me, am I right?

  • Reference: men would take care of politics and government while women would take care of the home and society (Zagarri, pg. 147)

News Anchor: I don’t mean to interrupt you again, Mr. Monroe. But don’t you think having a woman’s opinion can help balance out our nation’s government?


James Monroe: With all due respect, voting is a privilege, one only granted to men. It has worked great so far, hasn’t it? Why change it now?

  • Reference: Voting had essentially become a different kind of privilege- a privilege of those who happened to be born male (Zagarri, pg. 153)


News Anchor: Well, I do see your point. Our government is one of the best. Let’s keep the Federalist’s opinions out!

Mr. Monroe: I’m so glad you agree! Yes, our government is the best. And it needs to stay just as it is. That’s why you should elect me, James Monroe, as your president in the upcoming Election of 1816.

News Anchor: Thank you, Mr. Monroe. I’m not sure how the women in this room currently feel right now (*shows angry women). They don’t seem too happy, but I’m convinced! You have my vote! Stay tuned for the rest of News 5 coming up after these commercials!


*Shows a “Vote for Monroe” sign and scene ends



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