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On the Issue of Women- Federalist Campaign Rally 1816 Cole McCarty

Federalist Candidate: “Ladies and gentleman, thank you for coming out today. My name is William Vanderhouse, I’m campaigning for the office of President on the Federalist ticket. Today, I would like to address the importance of women in this country. I see women in the audience today with Federalist golden eagles on their dresses and bonnets. I appreciate the show of support. Women have a very important role in politics. It starts with Congressmen’s wives. They are our eyes and ears to the issues that American communities face everyday (pg 65). But it doesn’t end there. Women are not only our mothers and wives, they are also our teachers. Simply by raising our children they begin to shape the values of our country’s future leaders. Our country would surely fail if our women did not teach our children values like leadership and patriotism. I will admit that most of their work is done behind the scenes, but without them our country’s society would come to a grinding halt. Women also provide America with a “visible symbol of unity” (pg 86) which is very much needed in this time when party affiliations threaten to tear this country apart. My opposition is “a threat to the sexual purity of American women” (pg 110) and I will not allow someone with these views of our women to lead our country. If we allow them to, Republicans will defile and defame American women(pg 110). I, William Vanderhouse, promise to rescue women from such a point of view, but i cannot do so unless you, the American people, vote to make me your next President. Thank you for coming out today, and remember to vote!