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A “Speech” Fit for a Federalist Dinner Party

Mr. Kindsir: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Wolfgang Prescott Holloway Kindsir, I am very honored have you all at my estate for this splendid dinner party. I here by present to you, our federalist candidate for the election in this great year of the lord, 1816.

Rufus King: Why thank you Mr. Kindsir.   Tis a lovely night to be gathered around a table with so few people who truly appreciate our, lofty mindset for this country. Let me begin by wishing the great President Washington the happiest of birthdays, as it is truly a time of celebration in honoring such a hero. Also, I would like to toast to our fair ladies here tonight, “The ladies who this day, honored our party with their presence- May we ever continue to deserve their favor”. (85). As we eat and enjoy our night, let us not forget the true meaning of this dinner. We have assembled today to come closer in mindset in our journey of overcoming the Jacobins. These men have shown time and time again that they are truly incapable of progressing our fair country. Just the other day, my wife was attacked, at a church of all places, by a woman of the name, Beatrice Monroe-Dunnigan. No sooner was the sermon over than when the woman ran toward her like a wild carriage horse and ripped the golden eagle right off of her bosom. I am happy to see you all wearing your white roses and golden eagles. (84). Seeing that the Jacobins allow their wives to run-a-muck and cause havoc on calm townspeople like ourselves. I would dare say they let their wives make their political agendas too. Seeing the Democratic men’s lack of leadership ability, they might be better off if they went ahead and let their wives take a spot in government, they do well at leading their homes while their husbands are off going to war with the English. (98).

Dwane: Hub-lub-lub-lub! That’s enough of a tangent Rufus. You should have just read the speech your wife made. Good night to you all.