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Good Morning America: Presidential Candidate 1816


Welcome Good Morning America, Today I am here with Rufus King, the Federalist Presidential candidate for the 1816 election. He is here today to share with us why he wants to be a Federalist president.


I believe that the constitution guarantees our Liberty only through a strong and inseparable Union of States. This Union, in order for a central government to remain stable, must maintain some institutions and policies. Among these are a National Bank, powerful Judiciary and free trade policy. In order to ensure our economy is stable, our debts or managed and our investments are secure a National Bank should be established and managed by Congress and the Treasury. Our Constitution states the “judicial power shall extend to all cases.” (1) As fellow Federalist Alexander Hamilton reasons, the court “has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of the society.” (2) They are tasked to judge actions of the government and defend its people from abuse and secure our freedoms- such as that to worship any god or petition any cause. Finally, to ensure economic prosperity for years to come, the US must engage in trade with other nations - including Great Britain- cutting us off from the rest of the globe will not help our future.


Thank you Mr. King. Next we have Nelly Parke Custis to share her thoughts on women participation in the Federalist political party.


Women across the nation, let us wear our golden eagles with pride as supporters of the only party deserving our allegiance. (85) Let us commemorate our phenomenal fallen leader, my step-grandfather George Washington. (84) Let us sing “Adams and Liberty” at the top of our lungs. (85) But most importantly, let us devote ourselves only to a husband who wholeheartedly supports the Federalist Party and wishes to ride our nation of the malevolent Republicans all together. (85) We have already showed our opposition for war just a few years back in our refusal to make homespun and darn socks as well as not collected money for the troops (100). This action serves as an example as to how essential it is that we support our husbands. The Republicans intend to defile and defame women as a whole; the Federalists are here to prevent such a thing from happening (111).  We need Federalist men and they need us as well.