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Ladies Love Monroe – Clark Harris

Mary: “I’m starting to worry about the presidential election coming up.”

Katherine: “I believe that this election of 1816 will be one for the books, ladies. Think about all of the possibilities, Elizabeth, if your husband can take down federalist candidate Rufus King.”

Elizabeth: “You’re right, Katherine. I have thoroughly enjoyed standing by James’ side as he has had the opportunity to be the democratic-republican candidate. The possibilities are endless for us. I’ve really liked having the opportunity to meet with you fine women to be able to discuss ways that can further our roles in politics.”

Mary: “You all know that I have been trying my hardest to influence my sons, father, and husband by leaving hints here and there. I do believe that being the first teachers of children, we could use our education to make sure that we our younger generation acquires patriotism and virtue throughout their years. (Zagarri 53)

Katherine: “As we all do, Mary. I’m all for your husband winning the election, Elizabeth, but it’s clear that neither the federalists, nor the democratic-republicans, want us to be involved in their political parties.”

Elizabeth: “I understand your concerns. However, since James is my husband, he will be more understanding of our wants.”

Mary: “Did you all see what Donald Fraser posted in his pamphlet “Party-Spirit Exposed” from 1799? Here, I’ll read it.

“[Women] have it in their power to inculcate ‘respect, sobriety, and decency in the youth, and pointedly to withhold their smiles and hold their smiles and civilities from all who transgress these in the smallest degrees. This is a method of proceeding that will most certainly be victorious.’ By rewarding certain behaviors and sanctioning others, women could turn society away from party strife and toward mutuality, harmony, and unity.” (Zagarri 129)

Elizabeth: “It feels great to see that we have made some progress in the world without having to show a little skin. Times are changing.”

Katherine: “Let’s get out there and convince everyone to vote James Monroe, our Democratic-Republican candidate!”