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A Federalist Campaign 1816- Chase Newton


Good evening and welcome ladies and gentlemen, Thank you all very much for coming out today for the campaign rally. My name is Josh Baucum and I will be running for the Federalist ticket in the upcoming election of 1816. Today I would like to discuss the rising importance of women in our country’s future. First, thanks to everyone for wearing their golden eagles or black cockades in support of our party (85).

From being mothers and wives that take care of the household, to teaching the youth of this country in school, women have an impact on our country everyday, even though many times it goes unnoticed. However, they also have an important role in politics, especially the wives of the Congressmen. They are the eyes and ears in the community for their husbands, helping them in any way they can (65). If you want to further help your community and family, then talk to your husbands about voting for us. The men of the Democratic-Republican Party view women as masculine (109), a thought that we do not share. They also “serve as a threat to the sexual purity of American women” (111). We believe in protecting the sanctity of women as the peacekeepers of our country. Make sure that your voice and opinion is heard in this upcoming election. By making banners and signs, attending our political rallies, and talking to your husbands about voting for our party, you all will help your country a great deal in becoming a more equal place. This is something that we not only promise, but guarantee. Make sure that you stay active in way you can during this election and I will see to it that this country is run the way its meant to be, as a free and equal place. I’m Josh Baucum and I approve this message.