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The Republican Womanhood by: Shelby Morrow

Narrator: "This was brought to you by the Republican Womanhood. God bless America."
John: "Abigail, why is Nathaniel pullin' Jane's hair in the back of the chapel?"
Abigail: "I don't know husband."
John: "It is your job to teach our children to be good Republicans, our sons need to learn to be good Republicans and our daughters need to learn how to rise good Republicans."

Abigail: "John, I have finished all my chores, can I go have tea with Jane?"
John: "Sure wife."
Abigail: "Now y'all have a good day at work and school now."
John: "Alright then."
Nathaniel: "Bye Mom!"

Abigail: "Hi Jane, it's so lovely of you to invite me over for tea. I don't know what to do about Nathaniel."
Jane: "As a member of the Republican motherhood, it's your responsibility to make sure your son is a good Republican."
Abigail: "That's good advice Jane, I think I'll go home and tell Nathaniel a story about our Founding Fathers."

John: "Nathaniel, did you pull Jane's hair today?"
Nathaniel: "No Papa, I promise that I didn't."

Abigail: "Nathaniel, you've been a good boy today. You run along and play."
John: "Abigail, thank you for all that you do for Nathaniel. I know he can be a handful, but you make it work."
Abigail: "No problem. I don't mind what I do for my son. I love my job. It's my duty as a member of the Republican Motherhood."