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Thomas Jefferson’s Lapdog, James Monroe by Jonathan Phillips

Jefferson’s Lapdog, James Monroe by Jonathan Phillips

“Our good ladies, I trust, have been too wise to wrinkle their foreheads with politics. They are contented to soothe and calm the minds of their husbands returning ruffled from political debate (Zagarri 158).”
It is no secret that former President Thomas Jefferson was no friend to today’s sophisticated woman.

When pressed about the issue of educating our American women, Jefferson stated that “a plan of female education has never been a subject of systematic contemplation with me (Zagarri 158).”

Even on the matter of education solely for the purpose of mothers being better able to pass on knowledge to their children, Jefferson stated that women ought not educate their children unless their fathers be “lost, incapable, or inattentive” to their children (Zagarri 158).

In addition to his lack of forward thinking in the way of female education, Mr. Jefferson has actively fought against women holding any political position at all.

On dismissing a qualified woman’s request for a position as postmistress, he stated that this was not “an innovation for which the public is prepared, nor am I (Zagarri 159).”

Secretary of State James Monroe. Handpicked by Thomas Jefferson to continue the dynasty of Virginian Democratic-Republicans in the White House. Sharing Jefferson’s Jacobian ideals. What reason do we the people have to believe that Jefferson’s lapdog will provide the “equality” that he raved about in the Declaration of Independence, yet folded on with women?

The answer? No reason at all. This is why the fairer sex continues to rally behind Federalist men, again and again. (Zagarri 85).

Thomas Jefferson was no friend to your wives, mothers and sisters, and neither is James Monroe.