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HY 103 women in politics David Larame





Hello Im James Monroe and I want you to vote for the me and the Democratic-Republican party. Unlike those federalists we believe that women have a say and effect on politics. The federalist think that women are just good for staying at home and taking care of their men but thats the farthest thing from the truth women make up over 50% of our population and deserve a right to the be a apart of the major decisions that are made in our country. We want to work with everyone to make this one day happend to have women in congress. We do not want women to be invisible when it come to decisions made for our country. Women have a voice with the Democratic-Republican. Women should be able to participate in the political world and not only the world of social reform. Instead of being afraid of the american revolution with women in power we should embrace and see it as a positive and not a negative. The influence of women can lead our country into new heights and I believe that if you elect me to president we can get this accomplished.