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Barbara Sock’s Political Corner Federalist View- Laura Jackson and Lauren Lisenby

Barbara: Welcome to Barbara’s Political Corner, I’m Barbara Sock. Today on the show, we will be talking about the Federalist perspective and the involvement of women in the party for the upcoming Election of 1816. Let’s begin. First to inform everyone who does not know, the Federalists stand for a “fiscal-military state that preserved the privileges of a governing elite” (Zagarri, 83). The Federalists want to include women in their party politics by “attending partisan meetings, gatherings, and events” (Zagarri, 84). Speaking of women, our guest for today is Mary Hanes. Welcome Mary Hanes, how are you today?


Mary Hanes: I am doing great Barbara, thank you for having me on your show today.


Barbara: The pleasure is all mine. Please, tell us a little bit about your involvement in the Federalist Party as well a little bit about the Party and what y’all stand for.


Mary Hanes: Well, I attend almost every event that we have whether it is private or public. The men really appreciate and need our participation. Just the other day, I was at a function in Pennsylvania and the Federalist men toasted to us ladies who “honored the party with just their presence” (Zagarri, 85).


Barbara: Well that was just as sweet molasses!


Mary Hanes: Overall, we use the French Revolution as backing for what we stand for. We use the Revolution as “a cautionary tale” a horrific thing that showed us “what happened when liberty” lacked legal, even moral restraints (Zagarri, 83).


Barbara: So, how would someone find more information about this Federalist Party?


Mary Hanes: Well all they would have to do is look. Many women are becoming very brave and writing many political pieces that shed light on both the Federalist and the Jacobins side. I would suggest to people to read Judith Sargent Murray’s writings. She does a great job of focusing “on peace, order and good government” (Zagarri, 87) unlike Mercy Otis Warren (puffs). Besides that, I would suggest attending one of our public events! They are super elegant and super fun! “May each Columbian sister perceive and pursue the unfallible system of extinguishing Jacobinism” (Zagarri, 85).


Barbara: ….Well thank you Mary Hanes, always a pleasure. That’s all the time we have, join us next time when we talk to the Democratic Republican candidate, James Monroe!