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“Mary and Ernest Vote Monroe” by Andrew Cooper and Miller Nelson

Mary and Ernest Vote Monroe

Scene 1:

Mary – “I’m Mary and I’m a strong Democratic-Republican woman. I like to stay home and knit socks for the troops. In my spare time I like to raise money for the troops. I like to stay home and be a good mother and a good Patriot as well. I love my family and that’s why I’m voting for James Monroe (Zagarri 98-100).”

Scene 2:

Ernest- “My name is Ernest and I support James Monroe in the 1816 election. James Monroe supports states rights and Democratic-Republican women support their troops just like in the French Revolution war. For Christ sakes, look at this Federalist woman she cant even support her own child. The child doesn’t even have a jacket on. She doesn’t care to knit for her child. And on top of that, it’s snowing outside!!!!!! Well it’s not snowing anymore…….(Zagarri 100).”

Scene 3:

Ernest- “I want my daughter to grow up a supporter of her beautiful country. I want her to understand the ‘ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity’ (Zagarri105). Unlike this fat Federalist who doesn’t do anything for our wonderful country. She is just a ‘whore of Great Britain’ and might as well burn our nations flag (Zagarri 112).”


Scene 4:

Mary – “Democratic-Republican women are strong and sophisticated. We Democratic-Republican women support our men, and are able to take care of our homes while our men are away fighting for our freedom. We are the women you want your daughters to be. Admit that you’re better, and don’t stoop down to the same level as those Federalist pigs such as Rufus King. Vote for James Monroe and love your women.”

James Monroe -“I am James Monroe, and I approve this message.”

Warning lady - “No babies were harmed in the making of this film.”