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Dixie Meets James Monroe and the Democratic Republicans by Samie Singletary and Spencer Twigg

James Monroe: I am James Monroe and I approve this message.

Dixie: Hey y’all! I’m Dixie and I support James Monroe. Sure I can’t vote but I can show my support in many other ways.

James Monroe: You got that right!

Dixie: One of my favorite ways to support is through our democratic Republican independence day parties. While the federalist have quiet get togethers and ignore the declaration we have huge public parties, sing patriotic songs, and read the declaration proudly (Zaggari 85). Now which one would you rather be part of?

James Monroe: You got that right!

Dixie: We also show our support through our liberty hats and badges that we wear, as well as the many writings we produce. One of my favorite ways to express myself is through literature and songs (Zaggari 85-86).

James: Which we sure support Dixie! We are a party of freedom and patriotism; which includes your right to express yourself

Dixie: Of course James! Why wouldn’t I support one of the founding fathers and men of the Virginian dynasty in as many ways as I can ("Presidential Elections" 2010)!

James Monroe: You sure got that right Dixie! I’m Democratic Republican James Monroe and I support this message. And remember, Monroe is the Man!



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