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Murphy-Collins House (Crawford Lindsay)

Murphy houseThe Murphy-Collins House, home to the Murphy African American Museum, was built by Will J. Murphy, Tuscaloosa's first African American mortician. It has since been repurposed as a museum focusing on the history and lifestyle of African Americans.

Upon entry, the living room features a portrait of Will J. Murphy and a beautiful fireplace, which was original to the house. Murphy fireplace

Perhaps the most intriguing exhibit is what is known as the Africa Room. This room contains many artifacts of early African American life including a scale model of a slave ship and native African necklaces. Africa room This room also serves as a dedication to the many African Americans who risked their lives for the abolishment of slavery and the Civil Rights movement.

I would highly recommend stopping by this museum as it is not only a beautiful home, but is also a great representation of the history of African American culture in Tuscaloosa.