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James Monroe Campaign 1816: Krystal Fitzgerald




James Monroe: I (James Monroe) believe women should have a vote. You are the backbone of the family and deserve a voice. “You deserve a more active and assertive role in politics” (Zagarri 77). As your president, I believe “your role in politics is a sign of your political importance and is an affirmation of your connection with polity” (Zagarri 77). I believe to include to include women will not doom entire political project.


Federalist: As a federalist, I believe politics may consume the feminine virtues; “political discussion agitates women's passions, roughens our manner, and discomposes the garb of the female modesty” (Zagarri 77).


Anti- Federalist woman: As a female my vote is in James Monroe. I do deserve a voice and whether my voice in heard through the decision of my husband or son, I trust they will make the best decision for my family. This doesn't take away my virtues as a female but gives my equal representation or a voice.


James Monroe:

And there you have it! I’m James Madison and I approve this message.




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2007. Print