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Dialogue: Federalist Party

Title: Charles Carter Campaign 1816

Charles Carter-Federalist Party:

“I Charles Carter, a candidate for the Federalist Party, am here to proclaim and fight for all the natural rights you are, including those at home unable to vote. Women, we understand your hardships in taking care of our young ones and the responsibilities of the home. You are not forgotten!

From an early time, you have been denied the rights of a higher education to voice your unique opinion, but with your strength you have been able to defy the separation sexes. (p48)

(P26) Before the Revolution, your subordination to men was held steady in American society. Prior to marriage you were under the control of your father, thereafter your husband took over. However, you have gained a fraction of your own identity. Remember those women like (p40-42) Mary Wollstonecraft, author of Vindication of the Rights of Women, (p40) who fought for your individual rights such as gaining greater education and economic opportunities, however, she did not believe in our “messy” political system. With that said, even without having a direct vote, I rely on your opinion and influence in this upcoming election.

How you ask?

At home, raise our children with your virtuous guidance (p146), but with our political ideals in mind. At political rallies, represent the Federalists well. Wear our golden Federalist eagles on dresses and bonnets and speak proudly on our behalf. (p115)

(p36)Just because New Jersey failed to work out regarding your voting rights and political influence, we still want you to be actively participating in the most way you can within your household.

(Wife) Sally Carter:

“In support of my husband! Women don’t lose hope. Stay strong in fighting for your Federalist candidate. (p116)  We urge for your continuation and involvement regardless of rising tensions between our great Federalists and the evil Republicans.”