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Thaddeus T. James III:

-Hello there!

-My name is Thaddeus T. James III and I’m a Democratic Republican candidate in the election of 1816.

-I wanted to address that as a Democratic Republican I celebrate women who promote the ideals of liberty,equality,and fraternity. (page 105)

-And as a Democratic Republican I urge women to demonstrate your support of by attending partisan meetings,and gatherings. (page 84) And also by wearing their liberty caps which is an ancient symbol of freedom and help sew party symbols. (page 86)

-I want to show the Republican women are exemplars of the unselfish patriotism who put the national cause above their personal reservations and fears. (page 99)

-Who symbolize what is best about the American people at war: their selflessness, courage, and willingness to sacrifice for public good. (page 101) Like the “Richmond women who mobilized themselves into a volunteer core to help show their support for the troops.” (page 97)

-And who supported and defended France and rejected the Federalist drumbeat for war. (page 94)

-Unlike my Federalist opponent who should be considered no more than objects of derision and contempt (page 113)

-And who look at the development and growth of women's participation on politics with a wary eye (page 51) and believe that you as women still need to be rescued. (page 111) 

-I as a Democratic Republican see the positivity in the development of women in politics and see that it “offers women new opportunities to involve themselves in politics.” (page 113) I see our party as the true guardians of American womanhood. (page 109)

- I’m Thaddeus T. James III and I approve this message


-Paid for by the people for Thaddeus 1816