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• “Voting. Elections. Active political participation. Liberty. Dysentery. Debilitating chronic intestinal evaporation.”
• “These are concepts I’m sure many of you have become very used to hearing lately.”
• My name is James Monroe, and I am a Democratic-Republican running for the presidential office in the coming 1816 election. Today, I address the women of America on why it is in your best interest to align yourselves with the Democratic - Republican Party.”
• “We are a party of real patriots, who will support any people who wish to be truly free. Whether that be our unwavering support of the French during their revolution, or our dedication to the people of America- The farmers, the honest workers, and the snake charmers. The men and women who have families to provide for, not the elite class the Federalists are so eager to support.” (Zagarri, PG.83)
• “Come see, this Fourth of July, the Republican men and women in the streets celebrating with joy, their majestic country. Where are the federalists you ask? Why they’re being weird indoors, thinking nothing of the Declaration and the liberties and rights it contains.” (Zagarri, PG.85)
• “For some time now, Republicans have valued the opinions and support of women. For example during the Embargo of 1807, the women of the Republican party proudly remained supportive and wanted a truly prosperous, self-sufficient America.” (Zagarri, PG.95).
• “Women like the “Ladies of Norfolk” showed true patriotism by making gun cartridges for the looming war of 1812 (Zagarri, PG 97). We remember the “fire of female patriotism” and the support of liberty through the manufacture of goods we so desperately needed during the War of 1812.” (Zagarri, PG.98)
• “During the war, Federalist women were deliberately unsupportive of their country in a time in need and sat idly by not contributing. At the same time, Federalist ministers and politicians actively tried to create divisions in the population by “fanning the flames of women’s resistance to the war” (Zagarri, PG 100).”
• “Of course, we are not perfect. There have been times where Republicans were…unfair to women, such as Henry Bliss’ poem “The genius of Federalism” (Zaggari, PG.112), or the fact that we have not made efforts to allow women to vote in any other state but New Jersey…but you must remember, the Federalists are just as guilty, if not more, of being unfair. Even in New Jersey, Federalists wish keep the same social order as in the rest of the country.” (Zagarri, PGs 102;105)
• “I hope the women of America can see we are a true party of the people, with clear intentions, Thank you.”