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Emmalee Molay

HY 103-005


Video Project Script


Narrator: Today the Federalist Party and Democratic Republican Party will be racing against each other in the 100yd dash of 1816. Representing the Federalist Party, please welcome Rufus King!

King: *walks up to start line*

Narrator: And representing the Democratic Republicans, please welcome James Madison!

Madison: *walks up to start line*

Narrator: Now even though during their conflict between each other both parties began to vie for women’s allegiance(p. 84), each candidate will be required to state one way they supported women in party politics in order to jump each hurdle. Are the candidates ready?

King: Ready!

Madison: Ready!

Narrator: On your marks, get set.. GO!!

King & Madison: *start running*

Narrator: Now both candidates seem to have solid start to today’s race.. we’ll see how they do as they reach the first hurdle. With a split second advantage.. Federalist, Rufus King reaches the first hurdle with confidence. Mr. King, please state your first argument.

King: Well you see.. The Federalists supported women’s political involvement in many ways, but one great example is that our party welcomed women to commemorations of George Washington’s birth, AND ceremonies in honor of his death.(p.84)

Narrator: Ahh.. I see. Very good, Mr. King. You may jump the hurdle!


Narrator: Not just yet Mr. King! Here comes James Madison right behind you! Are you ready for your first hurdle Mr. Madison?

Madison: Yes! The Democratic Republicans invited women to festivities to honor of the French military victory at Valmy or to celebrate the Revolutionary “Feast of Reason.” (p.85)

Narrator: Very valid Mr. Madison! Please jump your hurdle.


Narrator: The race is neck and neck again. Approaching the second hurdle is again, Mr. King.

King: In the propaganda battle, Federalist men did little to solicit women’s support. (p.95)

Narrator: Is that necessarily a good thing? It could be seen as a negative component to your campaign but I’ll let you pass.

King: Oh, I should really watch out.

Narrator: Here comes Mr. Madison to the second hurdle.

Madison: Republican leaders realized that in order for the Embargo Law to succeed, they needed to enlist women’s help. (p.95)

Narrator: Great point! Jump your second hurdle.


Narrator: Once more as we approach the third hurdle the Federalist have the lead.

King: For my last hurdle I would like to note that Madame de Genlis represented a threat to the existing social order, and woman whose actions contributed to the Revolution’s turmoil. (p.105)

Narrator: I’m sorry Mr. King, this does not actually support women’s rights in party politics. I cannot let you pass. Okay Mr. Madison, all you have to do is prove one more point to pass your last hurdle.

Madison: Republicans celebrated women who promoted the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. (p.105)

Narrator: Now that’s more like it! You may jump the third and final hurdle.

Madison: Thank you! Guess this means I win the race!

Narrator: Yes, the Democratic Republicans come in with the landslide win!


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