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The Federalists: Welcoming Women Since 1890- Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker
HY 103-010

LADIES! LADIES! GATHER AROUND! Do you want to be apart of the election season?! Are you looking for a way to have your voice heard?! Then come join the Federalist Party! Follow in the footsteps of the great George Washington(83)! Fight for what he believed was right! Help support Rufus King in this years tight election race! Get ready because if you join the Federalist Party then your social life will go through the roof! You will be:
Invited to all the exclusive functions(82)
You will march along side our men in all the talked about protests(85)
You will be able to wear the stunning Golden Eagle or the marvelous Black Cockade(85-85)
And let’s not forget you get connected with all the right suitors. Do I hear wedding bells?!(82)
Join in with the great men of our Party and sing “Adams and Liberty” for all of those awful “atheists” and “Jacobins” to hear(84,85)! Patriotism is the new partisanship so come to the Federalist and show your love for our amazing country(84). Ladies, it is time that your voice is heard and the Federalist Party can help! Come join us in continuing to make this country the best of the best!