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Election of 1816: Democratic-Republic James Monroe by: Qingfei Meng


The future of America, who will be the next?

From 1801 to the present,

Democratic republican has taken the office for 6 years.

Let this be continued…

Vote Democratic Republic for a beautiful future.

James, James, James.

James Monroe is you best choice.

Women, let’s stand up to do what you had done during the American Revolution and The war of 1812. And play your important role to show the power of female politicians. (6-7)

As men’s friends and companions, women gained dignity, respect, and equality. In this republic country where people governed themselves, women could shape the values and ideals of populace as well. (19) Call your husband and son to vote for Democratic Republic. Let them be part of us.

And you join our party organization to work for the best Democratic Republic.

Like Esther DeBerdt Reed said, “American women were born for liberty.” (25)

Let’s break up the society’s custom and tradition. Believing what Hannah Lee Corbin believed, “as taxpaying women, we all have political rights.” (29)

Please attending our meetings, gatherings, and events, wearing liberty cap which is the symbol of freedom, or even bring your food to us if you want to. (84-86) Do not be afraid of challenging your family’s political views, and be willing to change their views if they are not part of us yet. (92) We will make shirts, socks, and beddings. We will also go to the street to collect money for the Democratic Republic Party. (99) Be a heroine to the Democratic Republic and a villainess to the Federalists. (103)

Federalists only want to get benefits from the women, and they look at female politicians who contributed to the country as a threat to the existing social order.

But Democratic Republic could bring changes of administration to every government and every age. We want the republic principles to beat over aristocracy and corruption, and we support women who promoted the ideals of liberty and equality. (36, 94, 105)

Trust yourself, you will be the next Dolley Madison. And because of your support, Democratic Republic will win!