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Tuscaloosa Museum of Art

Today I went to the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art. I thought that it was very interesting to know that the frame of the building resembled a Japan style house. It was a beautiful museum with many different paintings and statues of American History. The first one that brought me to my attention was one of a painting of the Battle of the Sioux Saux and Fox. This painting was brought to my attention because the picture was of Native Americans chasing each other on horses. It was a group of about 20 people in the picture in an open field. I asked the historian to help explain this picture to me. He told me that these were two different Indian Tribes that were in constant conflict with each other. Many times the person with a sword on the horse would try to stab the horse first because it would slow them down and with enough slow houses, it was a guaranteed win. Many times these battles were over land. This is a beautiful painting. The next thing I’m going to write about was not a painting, but a weapon.

The museum had 4 ball bearing rifles from the civil war. I wasn’t allowed to touch them but they seemed very heavy. The barrel of the gun was very long, but that was for accuracy purposes. The historian stated that the rifles were able to travel up to 500 yards. It would carry a .58 caliber metal ball. After the ball was shot, they would have to reload the gun powder and place the ball down the barrel. Placing it in the barrel with a long rod. I enjoyed this museum much more than I did Moundville because of my love for art. It’s a difficult museum to find but it is well worth it.