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“Nineteenth Century City,” UA student video (Tia Withers)

At this event, I had the opportunity to gain more knowledge about Alabama's historical monuments and their commemorations which took place during the civil war. Many buildings were destroyed and then rebuilt and reconstructed with the use of Roman inspiration in the architecture of the buildings such as the Pantheon in Italy. These buildings stand for something much larger than just the gory aspect of war and violent volatile combat in which we study about in class. It is inevitable to say many confederates died on the South side, the number being much larger in abundance when comparing to the number of Union soldiers. The music video made by the history students was basically urban vs. rural and their all experiences with living in the North and South, being asked many questions about their lifestyles and how they can differ from their native homes. The town was titled "Druid City" reflecting on Alabama's past and historical significance, specifically for this class, the Civil War.