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Host Mr. P. Westchester

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

Thank you all for attending this Democratic-Republic Presidency campaign dinner here in the great state of Virginia. With that being said the man I am about to introduce is a man that needs no introduction here as many of you already know him for his valiant actions for our country during the Revolution! (Cheers from the crowd!) Now without further a due Mr. James Monroe! (Applause).

James Monroe:

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

First thank you all for coming out on this fine Virginia evening to celebrate my campaign to be your next President of the United States. (Pause for applause). Now instead of me talking politics and agendas to help lead our young nation into the future, there is one objective I would like to speak tonight which would be an important role to be played in this campaign by the ladies here tonight and all across our great nation. What I am talking about is the devotion and strength a woman has to offer. I know this first hand what it feels like to receive tremendous and unconditional love and support from my beautiful and charming wife, Elizabeth Monroe, who has been by my side throughout my career. Now let me entrance you in a story of my time spent as Minister to France, for our fair country. Trying to establish diplomatic relations with a country that is going through its own revolution created much adversity, as I learned of a Frenchmen who served in our own Revolution was imprisoned. Gaining recognition and respect for our young country without over stepping boundaries during a fragile time was tough in itself. However, I took it upon myself to gain the freedom for the French man named Marquis de Lafayette, who I learned served under the General, President George Washington. While working for this man’s freedom, I learned that his wife had also been imprisoned. As I tried to comprehend how a country could sentence a woman to prison for the actions of her husband, it dawned on me that it must have been the woman’s own actions that sealed her own fate. For I believe a man who fights not only for his rights but also for the rights of others must have a wife willing to do the same. While I worked feverishly to gain the freedom of Mr. Lafayette; my wife Elizabeth, a very well educated and respected individual herself, insisted upon herself to fight for the freedom of Mrs. Lafayette, a woman whom she had never met before, in which she succeeded. Now the reason I told this story was not to boast about my dear wife or her selfless act of kindness, instead, to tell of the impact and influence a well-educated woman can make. I have learned from my travels overseas that the world is changing and that in order for our great nation to keep striding forward is to keep advancing in education for not just men but for women as well. In all I would like to encourage women to pursue an education and make herself aware in politics and other world affairs. A great start to that is getting yourselves involved in this upcoming campaign! Let us all stand together now and say no to The Federalist Party and their old traditional ways that will hinder us in achieving the greatness! Thank you and God bless you all!





Steve Harvey –Hey, Im Steve Harvey the host and this is SHOTS UNTIL YOU DROP. On my right it’s a federalist out of New York, Mr. Rufus King and his beautiful wife Mary King. To my left is a Democratic- Republican James Monroe from Virginia. In this game the party that makes the most point, doesn’t have to take a shot. Best out of 3 so goodluck.


Round 1

Steve Harvey- Do you believe women should have the right to vote?

Mr.King- No, I don’t think they should because I think this a man’s world. Men should put their foot down. The natural rights law established by the creater, extends over the whole globe, everywhere and at all times binding upon man kind. This is a law of God by which he makes his way known and is paramount to all human control. (Monroe)

Mr. Monroe- Well, I think everyone should have the right to vote. Stated under the United States Constitution, we as Americans have natural rights and voting should be a right. Since women live in America as well and is more than have the population. They should be treated equally.

Mr. Harvey- I give this round to Mr. Monroe under the constitution it does state we should be equal and have natural rights.

Round 2

Mr. Harvey- Mr. King you have to win this round or the game is over. Since this is about politics. My question, why shouldn’t women have a say so in politics? If you think they should, state otherwise?

Mr. King- I just don’t think they should have a say so. Women are too emotional. They should cook, clean, and watch over our kids. Their opinion doesn’t matter unless its what’s on the menu. HAHA.

Mr. Mary King (Rufus King wife) - ( Slaps Mr. King and walks off)

Monroe Speaks- Haha. Thank you Mrs. King, he needed that. I believe the women opinion in politics are very important. Who say women shouldn’t have a voice when it comes to who control their country as well. Behind every great man, is a great woman? They are our backbone.

Mr. king- Well this sucks. (takes last shot and passes out)

Mr. Harvey- And the winner still standing, democratic republican out of Virginia James Monroe.


NOTES: The italicized writing is what Mr. King really said. It’s a well known quote.

Mary is Mr. Kings wife real name.

The following message is paid for by James Monroe.
Laura: “Hi, I’m Laura. Federalists believe that women will use their feminine charm and sexual power to manipulate the political process (Zagarri p. 127). In Britain, political radical Catharine Macaulay thinks that women will use sexual influence in order to corrupt ministers, members of the Parliament, or even the king (p.128). In France, the philosopher by the name of Montisquieu warns that women will use sexual favors for political concessions (p. 129). The Essex Result says that women have too many “domestic cares”, and that the necessary nurture of our children renders us “unfit for practice and experience in the great business of life and the arduous cares of state” (p. 165). Federalists view us as a threat to the existing social order and claim that our menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and even orgasms affect our physical and mental strength and that we are too emotional to play a part in politics (p. 168).”
James: “Federalism is leading you blind –folded to the edge of a precipice. It is lulling you to sleep with the soporific potions of delusion. Citizens, tear the bandage from your eyes, awake from your slumbers, or to you it will be the sleep of death” (p. 121). As female literacy and access to printed materials increases, I encourage you to educate yourselves and do not fall victim to party politics. Use your feminine charm in strategic fashion to act as peacemakers and mediators among partisan men (p. 129). Practice Republican motherhood and instill the new liberal attitude toward party politics in your husbands and teach your children about liberty, equality, and patriotism (p. 128). And most importantly, think like a Democratic Republican and vote for me, James Monroe. God bless America and Roll Tide!”
This message is approved by James Monroe.