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James Monroe Campaign Ad- Judd Golsan (and paid actress [not a student] Angela Hill)

The following message is paid for by James Monroe.
Laura: “Hi, I’m Laura. Federalists believe that women will use their feminine charm and sexual power to manipulate the political process (Zagarri p. 127). In Britain, political radical Catharine Macaulay thinks that women will use sexual influence in order to corrupt ministers, members of the Parliament, or even the king (p.128). In France, the philosopher by the name of Montisquieu warns that women will use sexual favors for political concessions (p. 129). The Essex Result says that women have too many “domestic cares”, and that the necessary nurture of our children renders us “unfit for practice and experience in the great business of life and the arduous cares of state” (p. 165). Federalists view us as a threat to the existing social order and claim that our menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and even orgasms affect our physical and mental strength and that we are too emotional to play a part in politics (p. 168).”
James: “Federalism is leading you blind –folded to the edge of a precipice. It is lulling you to sleep with the soporific potions of delusion. Citizens, tear the bandage from your eyes, awake from your slumbers, or to you it will be the sleep of death” (p. 121). As female literacy and access to printed materials increases, I encourage you to educate yourselves and do not fall victim to party politics. Use your feminine charm in strategic fashion to act as peacemakers and mediators among partisan men (p. 129). Practice Republican motherhood and instill the new liberal attitude toward party politics in your husbands and teach your children about liberty, equality, and patriotism (p. 128). And most importantly, think like a Democratic Republican and vote for me, James Monroe. God bless America and Roll Tide!”
This message is approved by James Monroe.