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James Monroe- “Good evening citizens of the great colonies of America. If you give me your vote, I plan to help keep our homes the way they should be and follow in the footsteps of our last President and my great friend, James Madison. I know I have his full support in this election, so I should have no problem having support from you, too. I plan to keep the polls the way they should be, casting votes from only landowning men who deserve the right to have a say in the future of our establishment. The women will be kept out of the polls and in the homes raising the children to become the citizens we need in this country. Women, despite your lack of the ability to vote, you still exert a significant influence on society and politics through your husbands and children. You have demonstrable impact on what people say, think, and do. You affect the spirit of public discourse and the tenor of social relations. You instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in your husbands and children. Your actions propel society from a state of rudeness to stability. In fact, your very lack of formal political power might make you the ideal purveyors of the new liberal ideal. Unlike men, you would not be as personally invested in the outcome of the political contest of the day (104). You should maintain peace in your households and keep political discussion outside of the home.”

Woman 1: “I support James because I do not want to bring any political conflict into my household, the possibility of me having my own vote could bring unnecessary arguments and disagreements amongst my family. Our husbands and sons deal with enough controversy of opinions in their daily lives, they should be able to come home and seek refuge from the dramatics that comes with political disagreement.”

Woman 2: “I agree, like James said, we already have so much influence over our husbands and sons in the home that it is simply not necessary for us to have our own vote. We should trust that our husbands have our families in mind when they cast their votes and continue to instill our beliefs so they will vote the way that we would.”

Woman 3: “I am completely satisfied with my life the way that it is, I despise the drama and hullabaloo that comes along with voting and whether or not women should have the right to participate. We don’t need to keep debating over something so unnecessary, we have enough influence and power in our homes that we simply do not need the right to vote to have an effect on society.”