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I wonder for whom my husband is going to vote. James Monroe or Rufus King? It seems that many in town are planning to vote for James Monroe. Both parties seem relatively the same (102) to me as far as women’s rights are concerned, but the Federalist seem more open to letting women voice their opinions. I am beginning to think Rufus King and the Federalists understand that women want to be heard, more than Monroe and the Democrat-Republicans. The other women and I were talking at church and most of them feel the same way. The Federalists seem to want to let women have more say in politics and how things are run. I am wondering if either party wants to let women actually have any power in the government. They could all be trying to appeal to the women so we will sway our husbands in their favor.
I understand that Monroe studied law under Thomas Jefferson. This gives him a lot of stature among the political community. Monroe’s time as Secretary of State under James Madison would certainly have provided him with the knowledge needed to run this great country. Therefore I understand the men in our community seem almost unanimous in their support of Monroe.
The issue that my friends and I see with Monroe, is that if elected, we do not think that he will do anything to improve women’s standing in the world of politics and that is what we as women are starting to want(180). We dream of a day that we will be treated like men’s equals in politics. Do we not deserve to have a say in the direction that our country that we love so dearly is headed? When the men went off to war during the revolution who was it that stepped up and did their work(22). We did the work we were required to do, and the work that was left to be done in the absence of our men. This is something that the Federalist Party seems to understand better than the Democrat- Republicans. That is why I would support Rufus King in this presidential election. If only I had the right.