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HY103 Women and the Election of 1816 Demo-Republican Campain Ad- Jeffrey Hurst

• James Monroe-The Federalists are on the ropes! This election is their final gasp for relevancy, help us to stomp out the last of the weak, cowardly, anti-states’ rights elements in government!
• James Monroe- Party politics have separated us, permeating our entire lives. It is time for us to all unify under the banner of the Democratic-Republican party, time for us to stand as one nation! (pg. 116)
• James Monroe - The Federalists may claim to be honored by the presence of the fair sex at their events, but we have their support. (pg.85)
• James Monroe- Our Republican Women, like their revolutionary forbears supported the growth of this great nation in the trying days during the War of 1812. (pg.100)
• A South Carolina Federalist magazine has said of us. “Incessantly laboring, by every artifice, and with the most unblushing audacity, to turn [women] over, as poor, wretched forlorn victims,- to shame, and remorse, and anguish, and tribulation, and barren sorrow, and irretrievable destitution.” (pg. 111)
• This attack ad placed by the Federalists is a desperate attempt to try and gain female sympathy, as that is all they have left. They say we defile and defame women, that is their duty to rescue them, but in doing imply something just as worrying, that women need to be saved at all. (pg.111)
• The Federalists are nothing but two faced liars, as they have run many political cartoons casting these same women as licentious whores. Federalists believe that your liberty is nothing more than a function of licentious behavior, which leads to riots and anarchy. (pg.111)(purposely going from attacking the Federalists to attacking women, showing the irony of the situation)
• Federalists are the whores of Great Britian! (pg.112) They dream of a nationalistic government that they can then turn into the new monarchy!
• Men do not let women take your ability to make choices away!
• They are actively seeking to supplant you. Your wife is working in her best interests, not yours! (pg.113)
• DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Women are the fairer sex for a reason, she is incapable of political thought, easily manipulated, unable to perform necessary political actions. We must keep them from making this mistake.
• Remember men, on election day, vote with your party, not your wife.