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Hank : Hello. I’m Hank Hill. I’m a new comer to this whole politics thing but hey, I figured I’d give it a shot. I represent the Federalist Party in the upcoming election of 1816. The main topic I would like to discuss is women’s participation in political parties.. The Constitution of these United States of America uses the word persons, not just male citizens (38). You know what that means? That means that any woman of the female gender should have the same rights as any man in this country. That means women should have the right to vote, run for any type of office they please, and the right to own property. That means they should be able to VOTE! Don’t you agree Boomhauer?

Boomhauer: Yeah, I agree with you Hank.

Hank: Secondly, the Democratic-Republics are only focused on a certain people. They only focus on white males and free black males, but that’s only in a few states (151).  Something else they seem to do is look at people in levels, similar to who’s higher and lower in society. White men are ranked the highest, or leveled up because women, children, blacks, and Indians were leveled down (161). It’s also unfair that women who have fought for these rights in the past did not get the respect they deserved and worked for. A few of these women would be Abigail Adams, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mercy Otis Warren, and Judith Sargent Murray (40, 59). My wife Peggy truly admires all these women, as I do as well. What do you think Boomhauer?

Boomhauer: Yeah, I agree like I said. These women are great ladies.

Hank: It also bothers me that women who can read and write cannot vote. You know what that means? It means some of the women are smarter than some of the males around here. It’s time to make a difference everyone. Vote for me, Hank Hill.

Hello I’m James Monroe and I am currently running for president. I’m an extremely qualified candidate and I believe I deserve to be president. I am a founding father of this country and I fought in the American Revolution. I even took a bullet in the shoulder which proves that I am willing to do anything for America as its president. Now I know it’s important that people know my main view points on how I’m going to change the country. An extremely important issue based on what the founders of our party, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, believed. It is important that we pay attention to a very important issue in our country right now, and that is making sure that all men have the right to vote. Currently the only people allowed to vote are land owning men. This needs to change. I believe all men should be allowed to vote, and of course I only mean white men. However there has been a recent push to allow women to get involved in the political process. We urge women to demonstrate their support publically by attending meetings, gatherings, and events (Zagarri 84). We support women and want men to be open to the idea to allow women to vote. Woman are just as capable in participating in meetings and discussing political issues as the rest of us land owning men.

If we trust them to run our households shouldn’t we trust them to have a say in our politics? So why do we continue to ignore them and force them out of the political process? I know there is a concern of women doing certain scandalous things to influence men’s political decisions, but I can assure you that this will not be an issue. These are the very women who raise our children, and like the mothers who raised you. The fact that we do not give them a say in what they think is right is not what we as a country should stand for. The Democratic-Republican Party and I are taking a strong standpoint for women to begin to have roles in politics by spreading the word of our activities and one day even allowing woman to vote for what they believe! And of course Vote for James Monroe